University of Oregon

Department of Art

MFA Application

Application Requirements- Deadline January 5

The Master of Fine Arts degree is in Art, reflecting the breadth and integration of the program. Applications are reviewed by the full faculty but, for administrative reasons, we do ask that you identify a primary and secondary area of media focus.

There are two parts to the MFA Application:

  1. GradWeb (Online UO Graduate Admission Application)
  2. SlideRoom (Department of Art Application)

I. GradWeb

  1. Online Graduate Application (Note: fee may be paid with Visa, Mastercard or Discover. Payment by online check is now also an option.)
  2. Official transcripts of your undergraduate academic degree should be sent to the UO Admissions Department, 1217 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1217. (If you have not yet finished the degree at the time of application, you do not need to send your in-progress transcript to the Office of Admissions; if you are admitted, you will need to send your final degree transcript after your degree is conferred.)
  3. No GRE required. TOEFL required for international applicants.

II. SlideRoom

  1. Department Application will solicit background information and ask for the designation of a primary and secondary media focus in the applicant's current practice for administrative reasons.
  2. Combined Letter of Intent/Artist Statement (2-page limit)
  3. Media. When uploading each of 20 media files that represent work from the last three years, you will be asked for: Title, Dimension, Year, Materials, Description (Additional Details). Artists with time-based work may include up to 5 three-minute excerpts.
  4. References will be solicited directly for letters from SlideRoom.
  5. Graduate Teaching Fellowship Application. All incoming grad students are eligible to apply for Graduate Teaching Fellowships (GTF). If you are interested in being considered for a 2016/17 GTF, please complete this application.
  6. Optional CV


Application Timeline           

January 5 Completed applications due 
Mid-January to mid-February Phone interviews with finalists. The department will initiate contact with finalists only. Please do not contact the department to request an interview.
March Notification of Accepted Final Candidates
June GTF Assignments Made

Please feel free to contact Heidi Howes at or (541) 346-3618 with any questions regarding admission materials or processes.


Additional Information

The MFA program at the University of Oregon is an interdisciplinary program. We are interested in artists with compelling work, innovative approaches, and diverse backgrounds, both academic and otherwise. We are open to the complete spectrum of art practices, and are aware that these often change in ways that are unpredictable. Please be sure that Statements of Intent clearly articulate reasons for choosing to pursue graduate study at the University of Oregon and, in lieu of a separate artist statement, effectively communicate one's priorities specific to one's work and practice.

The MFA program is a three-year program that is typically held at less than 30 students. In any given year we receive between 150-200 applications, of which approximately 10 are matriculated. All graduate students receive substantial support through Graduate Teaching Fellowships (GTFs), which ranges from 65% - 100% of the time when averaged over three years. GTF awards include a tuition waiver and monthly stipend. Such assignments vary from Instructor of Record in a studio class to faculty studio assistant or shop technician, etc. There are often additional awards available for international students and people with diverse backgrounds. The Department of Art also has rather robust scholarship and award resources for returning students, which are available for application during winter term each year or for recruiting purposes at the discretion of the faculty. In 2013, roughly $20,000 was awarded to current graduate students, not including the Dean's Award, Singer Award, or other awards available in the College of Design totaling $15,000, or the UO at large (in 2013-14 three of our incoming students received full tuition scholarships from the University). Studios are assigned to meet the needs of individual practices and range from 200-400sf/student; roughly half are solo spaces and the other spaces are shared by two occupants. Studio needs are reassessed on a yearly basis to ensure a good fit for changing practices.