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BFA Degree



Digital Arts 2011 StudentsStudents who are looking to expand their opportunities and creative work are invited to apply to the bachelor of fine art (BFA) degree.

The bachelor of fine arts degree is a professional baccalaureate degree, which requires an additional fifth year of studio-intensive, independent work. The BFA program builds on the understanding and abilities gained over the previous four years in the BA or BS curriculum.

The BFA degree is offered as a fifth year of concentration in one of our media areas.

Through medium-specific seminars, independent studies, interdisciplinary critique colloquia, history of art and architecture courses, and art theory seminars, BFA students synthesize an individual approach to making and thinking. Students work intensively in their studios to develop an independent body of work culminating in the BFA terminal project exhibition in the spring term. Critical insights from faculty members help students to develop mature personal work responsive to the issues defining the field today.

Students apply for admission to the BFA in a particular media area in the last term of their fourth year of study. Students who are working across more than one media area may do the degree in ‘Art’, with sponsorship from faculty members in more than one area. The application process is competitive and includes a portfolio review. Students who have completed a comparable four-year degree in art at another institution may be admitted to the BFA program. Such candidates must satisfy the university’s 45-credit residence requirement.


Students must complete the five-year program with a total of 108 credits in art (a total of 220 university credits), including satisfaction of the requirements listed and general-university requirements for the BA or BS degree.

In addition to the requirements listed for the BA/BS degree, students must complete:

A total of 108 credits in the Major (40 additional)  
A total of 6 History of Art and Architecture courses (3 additional) 12
1 course of Issues & Practices in the media area (ARTC, ARTF, ARTM, ARTO, ARTP, ARTR or ARTS 490) 3
1 course of ART 412 BFA Critique Colloquium 3
BFA Terminal Creative Project credits (selected from: ARTC, ARTF, ARTM, ARTO, ARTP, ARTR, ARTS 409) 6
Upper-division studio credits selected from advanced methodologies studios, seminars or independent studies 16

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