University of Oregon

Department of Art

Ceramics BFA

The BFA program is an immersion year. Candidates are expected to have a strong degree of technical proficiency as well as art and ceramics literacy, the same proficiency as U of O ceramics undergraduates have at degree completion. After being accepted into the program, students use the summer months prior to their start date to develop questions and ideas that serve as the foundation for an intensive year-long investigation broken up into three terms. The fall is dedicated to research, development, and fabrication, the winter term is devoted to processing and fabrication, and the spring focuses on fine-tuning and final exhibition preparation. At the end of each term students meet with area faculty and one invited department faculty member for a progress evaluation. In addition to a final exhibition, students submit an exit package that includes a portfolio, artist statement, resume, and self-evaluation.

Program requirements include:

  • 3 terms of advanced firing/firing mentor
  • 3 History of Art and Architecture courses
  • 6 credits 409 BFA Terminal Creative Project¬†
  • A final exhibition
  • An exit package