University of Oregon

Department of Art

Art and Technology BFA

I am a recreational liar. I am a compulsive crocheter. -install video from Lauren Seiffert on Vimeo.


Our BFA program consists a fifth year of undergraduate study amidst a vibrant art and design community. We believe in an integrated approach that synthesizes the values of fine arts with possibilities of new methods and practices offered by technological innovation and broad interdisciplinary engagement. Education in the fine arts and design has always valued practice-centered research, innovative methods of communication, and the importance of experimentation in the dynamic construction of meaning. These traditions of visual research within the arts are at the core our approach and are a remarkable standpoint from which to explore and engage the ever-changing and multifaceted territory of media culture.

The deadline to apply to the BFA is February 1. Visit the Art Office, 254 Lawrence Hall, for the Art and Technology BFA application form.


Art and Technology BFA

Completion of the five-year University program, a total of 220 credits.

In addition to the requirements listed for the BA/BS degree, students must complete:

A total of 118 credits in the Major (46 additional credits over the BA/BS requirement)

Course Areas Credits
A total of 6 History of Art and Architecture courses (3 additional courses over the BA/BS requirement) 12
3 ARTD 490 Issues & Practices 15
1 ARTD 409 Terminal Creative Project 4
Upper-division studio credits selected from faculty studios/seminars, internships or independent studies with faculty 15*

(*or whatever amount of studio credits are required to bring your total over 5 years to 118 in Art and Technology, 220 UO total credits).