University of Oregon

Department of Art


As actively practicing artists themselves, faculty members are able to model and communicate to our students the compelling rigors and rewards of creative inquiry. Deeply engaged in their own practices and exhibiting nationally and internationally, faculty are contributing to current developments in the field and sharing that experience with their students. This commitment to artmaking as an ongoing practice and open inquiry is central to all levels of our teaching, from the introduction of a non-major through the graduate program.

Carla Bengtson Jovencio de la Paz Tannaz Farsi Brian Gillis Ron Graff Craig Hickman Colin Ives Ron Jude Anya Kivarkis Jenny Lin Sylvan Lionni Charlene Liu Euan Macdonald Christopher Michlig Donald Morgan Jack Ryan Michael Salter Rick Silva Ying Tan Laura Vandenburgh Kate Wagle Terri Warpinski Amanda Wojick

Career Instructors

Mike Bray Rebecca Childers Isami Ching Colleen Choquette-Raphael  John Park Jan Reaves Jessica Swanson Ty Warren