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UO PhotographyClasses in the photography area emphasize both process and concept and provide a balanced and integrated involvement between analog and digital processes. In an effort to stretch the student’s knowledge of the wide range of possibilities within this medium, we offer a diversity of courses such as Creative B&W Photography, Large Format, Digital Photography 1&2, Alternative Processes, Conceptual Strategies, Constructed Image, Advanced Photography, and contemporary critical theory courses.

Undergraduate students are guided through process and idea rich courses that create foundations for more advanced study and the pursuit of his/her chosen direction. The BFA is a fifth year program that facilitates project based advanced study in photography and also encourages inter-media investigations. It also serves as a vital link between our undergraduate and graduate programs. In the graduate program, we encourage a wide range of working strategies, allowing the student to pursue his/her direction based on ideas and processes that are best suited. The graduate program, eclectic in its mix, accommodates from 3-6 students at any given time.

Undergraduate programs and graduate programs are tightly linked, creating a strong sense of community. Students at all levels are given a great deal of individual attention by faculty. A strong visiting artist program sponsors nationally recognized figures in photography. Special summer offerings include Mural Printing, Alternative Processes, and Lighting Workshops.


The Photography area, housed in the ground level floor of the Millrace 3 Building, is a well-appointed and expansive facility. Rooms include separate digital labs for grad and undergraduate use, graduate studio spaces, private BFA and graduate darkrooms, an alternative process and mural printing room, film development and print finishing areas, spacious lighting studio, two large undergraduate darkrooms, classroom, and various smaller special purpose rooms. Our undergraduate digital lab is equipped with Mac computers an Epson 17” printer, and Epson V750 scanners. The graduate lab has similar equipment and a 44” Epson printer. We have approximately 25 view cameras, both 4x5 and 8x10, for student use, as well as sophisticated lighting equipment. Our analog labs are equipped with a full compliment of enlargers ranging from 35mm to 8x10. The alternative processes room provides special accommodations for these processes and is equipped with an ultra-violet exposure unit.


UO Photograpy Students

ARTO 250 Intro to Photography (4R)
Covers basic elements of photography using a DSLR camera and provides a broad-based understanding of photographic practice in a fine art context. Sequence with ARTO 350. Prereq: ART 115, 116, 233; R once for maximum of 8 credits.

ARTO 350 Film and Darkroom (4R)
Technical and aesthetic consideration of black-and-white analog photography. Basics of camera, film development, and photographic print controls in the darkroom. Sequence with ARTO 250. Prereq: ARTO 250; R once for maximum of 8 credits.

ARTO 351 Constructed Image Photography (4R)
Studio course explores processes and concepts extending beyond the single photographic image. Narrative and formal strategies within manipulation and sequencing; exploring the materiality of the photograph. Prereq: ARTO 250 R

ARTO 352 Creative Large Format Photography (4R)
Introduces large-format cameras and their aesthetic possibilities. Four-by-five and eight-by-ten view cameras provided. Includes camera use, film and development, printing skills. Pre-req: ARTO 250. R once for maximum of 8 credits.

ARTO 354 Digital Photography I (4R)
Addresses basic concepts and practices of working in color photography utilizing a digital workflow, covering fundamentals from image capture to various conceptual methods and practices. Prereq: ARTO 250.R once for maximum of 8 credits.

ARTO 450/550 Digital Photography II (4R)
Addresses advanced methods in a digital workflow and the role of photography in contemporary art practice through various constructed, aesthetic and conceptual approaches. Prereq: ARTO 354 R mastery of subject

ARTO 455/555 Conceptual Strategies in Photography (4R)
Studio course guided by study of 1960's conceptual art movement and it's influence on contemporary photography practice. Open-ended projects respond to various conceptual frameworks. Prereq: ARTO 354 R mastery of subject

ARTO 476/576 Alternative Photographic Practices (4R)
Through historic and antiquated processes this course combines painterly concerns, with printmaking ideas and photographic principles in a mixed media approach to contemporary image making. Prereq: ARTO 351 or 352 R

ARTO 484/584 Advanced Photography: [topic] (4R)
Capstone course that investigates photographic practice and philosophy through critique, readings, discussion and external activities. Students engage in personal studio practice and class critiques. Pre-req: ARTO 250 or 352; R once for maximum of 8 credits.



Colleen Choquette-Raphael

Colleen Choquette-Raphael

Senior Instructor, Photography
Office: 103 Millrace 1
(541) 346-1427

Ron Jude

Ron Jude

Associate Professor, Photography
Office: 153 Millrace 3
(541) 346-1430

Terri Warpinski

Terri Warpinski

Photography Coordinator
Professor, Photography
Office: 152 Millrace 3
(541) 346-1426